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The Power of One Word

If you struggle with setting AND keeping New Year resolutions try this simple process for selecting One Word.

Do you struggle with setting AND keeping New Year resolutions?  Anyone else start the new year out with great eagerness to improve all the things and end up feeling overwhelmed and guilty a short while later for not keeping up with the unrealistic expectations you set for yourself? Is it just me?!

Over the recent years, I have found much success in scrapping resolutions in the traditional sense and instead focusing on One Word. I find the word brings greater focus and meaning to my goals and serves as a compass to guide my decision making throughout the year.  

My word for 2022 was Declutter and while I wasn’t perfect at it, I worked to declutter my closet, my to-do list and my mental state. My word for 2023 is Healthy. I am not sure I want this word and it keeps coming up; so perhaps it’s here to stay. You see, the key to having a meaningful word is to allow your One Word to come to you.  You cannot choose your One Word. If you do you will most likely forget it and it will not be as meaningful. 

Here is the process for identifying your One Word:

Prepare Your Heart: Look In

  • Unplug from the noise and get away from the distractions of life.
  • Ask a few essential questions:
    • What do I need?
    • What’s in my way?
    • What needs to go?

Discover Your Word: Look Up

Now that your heart is ready, continue to unplug and listen up. Ask God/the Universe to reveal your One Word with his process:

  • Ask, “What do you want to do within me and through me?”
  • Write down what comes to your heart
  • Listen and be open to the Word that you hear and/or feel

Live Your Word: Look Out

Keep your One Word front and center; use it as a compass. write down three things you will do to make sure you have regular reminders of your word, ie: computer password, note on a mirror, screen saver, accountabili-buddy check ins. 

The crazy thing is many people think they know the meaning of their One Word at the beginning of the year, then life happens and their word guides them in ways they NEVER anticipated.

Every year I listen/read One Word that Will Change Your Life to help me regroup, reset and refocus for the year.

Have a joyful and healthy 2023!

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