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Succession Planning

Right People Right Seat   

You’ve heard this phrase over and over, yet it’s obviously easier said than done.  

The right interview questions and systems will only take you so far; you need someone who can guide you with a new approach.   Whether you are navigating an executive replacement, struggling with a high turnover role, or failing to identify a good fit, Seda Consulting has developed a process proven to ensure success in hiring for today and in the future.

Patti and Ashley have extensive experience in using a proven process, based on science and analytics, to help you find the right person.  

“Patti was masterful in getting a diverse hiring team aligned in what they were actually looking for versus what they thought they were looking for. She was thorough and asked all the right questions to arrive at the conclusion that allowed us to hire the best candidate for the position.”

Kirsten Fisher

Director of HR, Legacy Manufacturing

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