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Making the World a Better Place One Joyful Employee at a Time

If you have ever been in a role that didn't fit you, you know it can leave you depleted and disengaged. The good news is there isn't something "wrong" with you and the solution is easier than you think.

How many of you have had a bad day? I’m not talking about just a challenging day, but a real life “I-can’t-do-anything-right” kind of day. 

If you’re like most people, a bad day transitions to a bad night. And if you have too many bad days in a row, it transitions to impacting relationships at work, at home and with friends. You see, Disovering Job Joy is about more than just the impact on one individual. 

Imagine a world where more people found joy in their work. 

Imagine the impact on families and on communities. 

If you have ever been in a role that didn’t fit you, you know that it’s not just an 8-5:00 thing. Giving everything you have during the day and not feeling fulfilled or rewarded leaves you depleted at the end of the day. And, I have yet to meet someone who has a terrible day at work and comes home to their family and says, “oh, thank goodness I’m home” AND contributes to the family in a positive way. Most of us cannot leave work at work. 

Think Big, Start Small

People who are in roles that match their talent and personality traits are more engaged at work and at home. These people are more energized and contribute more positively to their family and their communities. 

Through our work, we can Make this World a Better Place, One Joyful Employee at a Time. 

As you plan for 2023, please take some time this holiday season for these three steps:

  1. Look Inward. Yep, this phrase is worth repeating, “put your oxygen mask on first”. Reflect and identify the work you were drawn to doing this past year that energized you. These are activities that are harder to NOT do than to do. It may have been something that others can’t imagine anyone would enjoy. Dig deep and figure out what it was that made this work so rewarding and exciting. Figure out a plan, at work and/or in your personal life, to do MORE of this. 
  2. Look Outward: As one boss told me 20 years ago, “ok, now it’s time to stop with the naval gazing”. The more we look outward and help others achive what they want, we’ll get what we want. Not in a quid-pro-quo kind of way, but rather by helping others be their best version of themselves so they, too, can be more outward and optimistic. It’s a beautiful circle that has to start somewhere (pssst; with you!). 
  3. Use the Playbook: Right before Thanksgiving I pulled up the Colors Chart for my family (yes, they have all taken the MPO assessment) to remind myself how to make the day joyful for everyone. In a family of mostly Reds and Yellows, it gets loud and everyone has an opinion. I do a gut-check on what is most important and let the rest go. I also remembered that my introverted son and son-in-law will, at some point, be on their phones striving to recharge from all of the craziness. 

With Gratitude

You have the insight and the tools to make this world a better place, one joyful employee (person) at a time. We are grateful and honored to be with you on this journey! 

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